The artist Johanna Mirabel will take up residence in the Parisian space of the Fondation H from February to May 2023.

During her creative residency, Johanna Mirabel explores through painting and installation the boundaries between real and imaginary spaces while making a statement about feelings related to memories.
Also accompanied by her twin sister Esther for the realization of an installation, they question the boundaries between painting, sculpture and architecture by playing with the volumes of the Parisian space of the Fondation H. From her creative residency will follow her exhibition that will open in May 2023.

For this project, Johanna Mirabel collaborates with the author Louise Thurin, who will write the text accompanying the exhibition.

During the artist’s residency, there will be time for exchanges and meetings with the public.
For private visits of the artist’s ephemeral studio, please contact us at DM ✉️

Stay tuned!

📍24, rue Geoffroy l’Asnier
75004 Paris


Chilli Art Projects are excited to announce Trace, an ambitious group show across their two spaces which spotlights an exciting group of artists all exploring contemporary abstraction through a unique lens. 

Whilst stylistically disparate, all the artists have a distinct mode of working through which they explore and probe the subtleties and boundaries of painting today. A large number of the artists are interested in interrogating the support and ground itself, each in unique ways which positions their work somewhat between sculpture, tapestry and painting. Others in the show are process based, preferring to work in layers which hide or obscure a history of marks beneath the surface, resulting topographic compositions which are often on the boundary of abstraction and figuration.

Johanna Mirabel’s figures bleed into their surfaces and surroundings, reduced to seductive washy compositions that explore chance, architecture, abstraction and the figure. Likewise, Demetrius Wilson’s abstractions were previously rooted in figuration, yet this new body of works pushes the boundaries of material and surface resulting in raw, emotional and expressive abstract compositions. Like Benhura, Cole and Jones, he works on unique supports such as table cloths and waffled fabric to achieve a unique range of marks and effects. 

The glowing red tones compliment Wes Mapes’s warm, energetic, multifaceted compositions which appear somewhat like windows, echoing the diverse and multifarious nature of his practice as a whole, which encompasses painting, sculpture, installation and performance. This window form is echoed in the work of JC Bright, whose gridded compositions draw comparisons to stained glass. Bright rethinks traditional notions of religious symbolism and the cross to pay homage to his relationship with his mother.

Private View 31st May 6:30-8:30pm

1st Floor, 125 New Bond Street, London 1DY


For this first edition of the artists’ residency, a selection committee composed of actors from the world of art and culture announced the six winning artists. Like the endowment fund, its members share a common desire to support artistic creation and to participate in the influence of the territory that hosts this residency.

The selection committee
Marianne Dollo, Art advisor and curator
Doria Ardiet, in charge of visual arts – Cultural Action Department, La Rochelle
Mireille Blanc, Artist represented by the galleries Anne-Sarah Bénichou and The Pill
Julie Chaizemartin, Journalist and art critic
Henri Guette, Art critic and independent curator
Jérôme Zonder, Artist and draftsman represented by the Nathalie Obadia Gallery
Elyssa Sfar, President of encore ! Endowment Fund Groupe Chessé

The artistic direction of the residency and the curating of the exhibition are entrusted to Marianne Dollo. The encore! team was seduced by her in-depth knowledge of the emerging art scene for the realization of this first edition of the residency.

The winners will benefit from a 3-month research and creation residency at the Hôtel de Craon, a creation grant, as well as an exhibition curated by Marianne Dollo in this heritage building located in the heart of La Rochelle.

📍 19, 21 rue Chaudrier and 2 place Verdun at La Rochelle